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is a product of INTRAKUSTIK by BOP bruppacher office project

DIVISTO is an innovative and high-tech product for dividing rooms of all kinds. With its timeless, elegant and frameless design, DIVISTO is very well suited for the visual and acoustic separation of work rooms, workplaces and as a room divider in architecture. The DIVISTO system can show its strengths especially in the office area. It not only serves to visually structure the room but also acts as a sound screen and thus as an acoustic separation from noise sources. This reduces acoustic disturbances at the workplace and supports concentrated work.


Subdivision made easy!

DIVISTO elements are manufactured in Germany with the patented honeycomb design under the strictest quality specifications. The end product impresses with its low weight and astonishingly high pressure and dimensional stability. So what will it be? Total transparency, translucent color accents or subtle separation - your choice! Without losing any function, the DIVISTO elements can be used in transparent or translucent satin and, if desired, in color accents according to the RAL catalog. The DIVISTO system unobtrusively but definitely complements the desired room design. It sets subtle visual stimuli and underlines the elegant simplicity of your work environment.

DIVISTO is available in 3 complementary systems with the following names:

Incidentally, DIVISTO is also perfect for combining with the OASYS system

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the partition wall system

the table panel system


the room partition system


the room partition system

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