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DIVISTO W has the same basic structure and materials as the S and T models. It only differs in the material thickness, which is 38mm for the W model. With a weight of 5 kg / m2, DIVISTO W is still very light and extremely stable and resistant. With a sound insulation value of 28 dB (R) satined (24 dB clear), it can also be used instead of a traditional office element wall up to a maximum height of 300 cm (with a top up to 360 cm). It can also be used as a door leaf or wall system with conventional framed doors or with sliding doors.


In order to ensure an optimal result when using the DIVISTO W system, you will not find any standardized items to order in the web shop. Please contact us if you think that the DIVISTO W system would be suitable for your purposes. We will then be happy to advise you on the possibilities and variants in a personal conversation and also take measurements on site.

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